EGM is increasingly active in vertical areas such as aquaculture and water distribution

Water supply and optimization are now key concerns for decision makers. We are proud to announce our growing involvement in these areas with numerous projects related to water management, in order to respond to these problems as accurately as possible. We are currently developing onboard electronics of low-cost multi-parameter sensors to increase the number of measurement points in water systems or facilitate access to its technologies in lower-income countries.

See our LOTUS projects (Europe-India collaboration on water management) or our Fiware4Water (strengthening the relationship between the physical and digital world in the field of water) in which we will implement new generic AI modules for water management.

In addition, we are active in the field of aquaculture. We are for example in charge of the aspects IoT and Artificial Intelligence in the projects iFishIENCI (circular economy for aquaculture) and IMPAQT (multi-trophic aquaculture).