IoT for Smart Cities Applications by using virtualization technologies

Modern cities need to evolve and become interconnected ecosystems where thousands of IoT components of different domains (energy, health, mobility, buildings, water management, lighting, waste management, environment, etc.) are working together to support humans and promote solutions for more resource efficient, greener, healthy and comfortable urban areas.

The aim of Fed4IoT, implemented in two EU (Murcia, Grasse) and two Japanese cities (Hakusan, Kumamoto) is to enable information sharing by using IoT device virtualization and multi-tenancy. By emulating a real IoT device, virtualization will enable different tenants (such as an energy, a security and a bus transport company) to share the same real IoT device with a complete and secure isolation among these tenants.

Yet, interoperability is still a challenge. To overcome these problems the Fed4IoT project will face the interoperability issues by proposing solutions for large scale environments and focusing on different system levels:

  • Device level: how to integrate devices of different vendors in the same platform;
  • Platform level: how to integrate services of different IoT platforms;
  • Information level: how to integrate cross-domain smart city information coming from different IoT infrastructures and also other city source of information (open data)