In a more and more connected world, emerging technologies faces limits in security and integration with existing systems.

To break it out and ease you to reach target markets, our international team developed core skills, integrating the whole value-chain of ICT products with a real focus on interoperability and standards compliance.


Real time monitoring, traceability, unified dashboard… EGM helps your company in implementing IoT / M2M solutions. We are at to your side to move towards future industry, integrating new sensors and actuators to your existing systems with open, standardised and multi-protocols platform, guaranteeing interoperability, scalability and flexibility.

Data exploitation

Analysis of your business requirements in order to optimize your data uses with advanced analytics solutions (Stream analytics, semantic processing, edge computing…). From devices to data, EGM helps you in your IoT deployments. Learn more

  • Standards based solutions and open architectures

  • Agile approach

    Quick prototyping for proof of concept

  • Integration expertise

  • Semantic interoperability

Testing and validation

Security and reliability : EGM is pioneer in functional testing solutions and Internet-of-things security, we offer assistance in quality approach by implementing suitable testing strategies and associated tools. Learn more

  • Security testing

    Identify and prevent your system from vulnerabilities

  • Interoperability testing

    Control your conformance with international standards

  • Test-as-a-Service platform

    A full offer with thin client, available 24h/24, providing automated testing suites based on MBT approach


From the starting idea to the real market, EGM helps you to :

Get state-of-the-art tools and methods

Thanks to permanent contact with R&D actors, continuous technology watch on emerging & efficient solutions…

Develop Good & interoperable products

With advanced testing & validation methodologies using global standards, interoperability expertise for advanced solutions…

Fit to market

End-users at the heart of innovation development from requirements to technology adoption…

“Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) estimates your technology maturity. Integrating end-users needs in the first innovation steps is a key to build high value-added solutions.”