World specialists in technical and semantic interoperability programmes

Does your system or device is able to communicate with other vendors and/or exchange data? to interpret the shared data? to deliver an understandable information for your user? Interoperability is a must, defining the real added-value of your innovations.

EGM experts works for +20 years in Standardisation, Testing methodologies and tools to address interoperability. This technical expertise has been expanded by data and semantic interoperability to meet with market needs and evolution.

World specialists in technical and semantic interoperability programmes

To ensure interoperability, there is a need to address all the 3 following pillars often confining, hindering or limiting your solutions:

  • Consistent standards

This is the first source of concern of non-interoperability

consistent_standardsEGM is strongly involved in standardisation activites within its research field. We grant a significant importance in updating our knowledge, improving our skills by participating in running interoperability events and closely working with major standards bodies such as the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), The Open Group…

  • Standardized testing methodologies

A good specification which cannot be tested is not a good specification

standardized_testing_methodologiesOur testing method relies on TTCN3, a global, standardized & modular testing language specifically designed for testing and supported by an active community. Initiated by the ETSI leading experts, this solution offers advanced testing functions while meeting international standards. Independent from the execution environment, TTCN3 offers adaptability, agility and quality to design and maintain test suites.

  • Well-suited tools & accurate test suites

This is often underestimated and major sources of costs and resources. Major optimization is needed.

well_defined_test_suitesEGM appears as a reference in Model Based Testing (MBT), mastering tests methodologies and tools. This automated method enhance testing quality by widening test coverage, offering in-deep analysis of your program while reducing time and costs and improving testing process quality.


Development of tool uses to be very expensive. Using approach such as TTCN-3 brings a complete open architecture and cost effective solutions to execute tests.

TTCN-3 Open architecture

Organizing interoperability events

DSL Gpon interop

DSL Gpon interop

The use of interoperability events in the standardisation or specification development process has proved to be an exceptionally useful and popular way to practically and efficiently verify/validate standards and equipment to improve the chances of interoperability. They provide direct feedback to both the standards developers and the product developers in a way that no theoretical (paper) activity can. […]