Interop events, pragmatic tools to improve interoperability

The use of interoperability events in the standardisation or specification development process has proved to be an exceptionally useful and popular way to practically and efficiently verify/validate standards and equipment to improve the chances of interoperability. They provide direct feedback to both the standards developers and the product developers in a way that no theoretical (paper) activity can.

In the past 15 years or so, some organisations like OMA, Bluetooth, ETSI ( +200 events organised) but also industrial fora are organising and running interoperability events.  Much positive feedback has been gathered on the benefit of this pragmatic approach to improve the interoperability of products and services, the quality of the specifications and the whole standard-making process in supporting successful deployment of the technologies researched by the R&D projects such as the EU H2020 ones.

As EGM CEO has created the ETSI Interoperabilty service in 2001 and organised +70 events, EGM is still very active in promoting the use of this pragmatic tools.

Domain of applications is very broad. Some experiences

2013 - Semantic interop

Semantic interop, April 2013

SIPIT interop

SIPIT interop

2010 car2car interop

car2car interop 2010