R&D experts since 2001 – A strong experience for successful innovation

Are you customer-oriented enough? How do you create synergies between research, development and market? How agile is your organization, your consortium? No matter which innovation you create, market adoption doesn’t only rely on your products technical features. In ICT field, interoperability is key and EGM provides you world class and state-of-the-art expertise.

EGM experts were involved in +30 international R&D projects participating in innovation since the FP5 european program. Ranked by the latest EU innovation radar, EGM is the 7th most innovative european company. In figures, our wide experience in R&D support represents 157 international partnerships, 136 partners, established from local to global in 33 countries on the 5 continents. Our core competences are actually expressed in 9 on-going projects funded under FP7 and H2020 EU programs.

Improving your technology readiness level (TRL) is a key for innovative solutions on emerging technologies. Our team has both downstream and upstream approach always focusing on customer value end-offer in the R&D processes. We bring at each level, our core skills to:

  • Provide tools and methods to support qualification of project developments
  • Give confidence and trust to internal and external users on the quality and usefulness of project outcomes
  • Help project partners and future developers to comply with specifications & expectations
  • Provide management tools with scoreboard of indicators and evaluation system
  • Provide R&D in test systems – SW advance testing
  • Help projects to expose and manage their data from sensors (i.e. FIWARE and oneM2M)
  • Help projects to do data analytics & interoperability with other domains