Advanced testing and validation methods for quality solutions

LTE, LiFi, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality, machine learning, micro-services architecture, users behavior and big data analysis… Current progress in technology are actually changing our way of understanding, experiencing, living the world, giving easy, comfortable and relevant services for your end users.

Behind the fast growing demand, these enhanced services mobilize smarter computing systems, increasingly sophisticated interfaces, specific IoT platforms and APIs calculating huge amount of data while optimizing power and time consumption. EGM experts bring you the most advanced tools and methodologies to help you using :

  • reliable solutions using the only international standardized test language TTCN-3 which bring description and execution on open source tests execution platform
  • efficient solutions with automated testing technology – MBT, Model Based Testing – to generate the tests eventually in TTCN-3
  • remote tests when feasible using our TaaS (Test as-a-service) environment
Advanced testing and validation methods for quality solutions

Integrating testing in the early steps of your products or services is a key for reliability, high quality level satisfying your customers needs. We provide solutions on test platform engineering as well as related open test platforms and testing development best practices.

Using Model Based Testing (MBT), our team is at the cutting edge of automated testing. This method, suitable and scalable for complex development systems, offers reliable results by a larger test coverage and a faster execution and migration of testing processes. Test suites are generated directly from your program modelization, at any change in your model or business requirements, the whole testing tool chain can be adapted, a strong warranty for fast, efficient and flexible development.


Standardized by ETSI, TTCN-3 is a reference test language for specification and implementation of complex test systems and solutions.  It combines advantages of increased productivity and power together with a sufficient level of formalism and a component model that gives the possibility to obtain reuse in testing for a faster and more reliable development…


We use CertifyIt in our automated testing approach, accelerating creation and management of functional test suites. Based on modelization of your system, this high-power chain tool generates fully customizable tests with easy adaptation functions. All along your product development, test suites are continuously adapted, permanently enabling to meet with your business requirements and standards conformance.