Learn about our Team and Culture

Easy Global Market is providing services and solutions for ICT companies.

From 2010, the company keeps growing trough international projects, capitalizing on networks and partnerships in IoT, testing, platform integration, big data…

2010 - EGM is established

The company is founded by Philippe Cousin, capitalizing on a wide experience in international projects and a strong expertise in standards & certification.

2011 - The first project

EGM won its first project, Probe-IoT aiming at studying all interoperability issues for the Internet of Things (IoT).

2012 - Expertise extended to smart-cities

EGM started its 2nd project : Ear-IT, dealing with acoustic sensing for smart cities. This project leds to develop a smart sound solutions combining advanced processing units (APU) for acoustic event detection and a new audio board for sound monitoring over constrained networks.

2013 - Premises in the heart of this first european technology center

With 3 new projects coming, the company moved to the Business Pôle in Sophia-Antipolis, an outbreaking incubator for SMEs opening wide networks for innovation development. EGM still grows with the arrival of Franck Le Gall, current COO, joined the forces bringing his expertise in technical development and advanced skills in management of multi-cultural industrial R&D projects. The company earned its fifth international project.

2014 - 100th partner for EGM

The company increasingly widens its networks and initiated with Fi-Core its hundredth collaboration with the global research community.

2015 - 7th most innovative european company

The EU innovation radar ranked EGM as the 7th most innovative company in Europe, celebrating its five-years of existence and its 10th international project involvment.

2016 - New premises and workforce development

With an increasing number of talents, EGM moved to a larger office at Espace Beethoven in Sophia-Antipolis.