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<center>Philippe Cousin</center>

Philippe Cousin


Philippe COUSIN, has 34 years of experience in ICT and has worked since 2001 in +28 EU Research projects. Expert in ICT Standardisation, Validation and Interoperability issues for +20 years.
Philippe Cousin was involved for years in the IoT European Research Cluster (IERC) where, amongst other, he has coordinated the Interoperability Activity Chain (AC4) as well as the International cooperation.
He worked in Orange/France Telecom R&D but also as Project Officer at the European Commission in Standardisation, Quality and CE Marking. After 4 years as Test house General Manager, he joined ETSI in 2001 where he worked on ICT testing and validation issues as Interoperability Service Director where he launched the Plugtests Service. He has founded Easy Global Market in 2010 which is successfully involved in FP7 and H2020 projects (9 ones actually running).

<center>Franck Le Gall</center>

Franck Le Gall


Franck worked 10 years in major IT industries where he was mostly involved in technical development (he authored several patents and scientific publications) and management of large international and multi-cultural industrial R&D projects. In 2005, he joined inno TSD where he has been involved in the coordination of many research projects, program evaluation and policy analysis for the European commission. He joined EGM in 2013 as COO and manager of the Sophia-Antipolis offices.

<center>EGM team</center>

EGM team

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